Tosham Road, Near Goshala, Siwani, Haryana 127046

Why the SMAPS ?


The school is managed by Maharaja Aggarsain Social Welfare & Education Society, Siwani. It is functioning since 2009 under the supervision of highly competitive, dedicated and educated teachers & well repudiated social persons. The school is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi. Our institute offers a wide choice of activities – academic, aesthetic and athletic – to provide an environment enriched with excitement, challenge and competitiveness. Physical Education & work experience are an integral part of the curriculum. To meet the demands of the management aims to prepare children for life imparting knowledge, skills, qualities and attitude & looks forward for true sincere cooperation from parents. As an eminent educationist J.Krishnamurthi said “Truth cannot be given to you by somebody, you have to discover it; and to discover, and there must be a state of mind in which there is a direct perception". The aim of education should be to generate such a state of mind, and the rest will follow. Infect, the ultimate aim of any endeavor in the field of education is to know the truth about life and existence, for education is a process of dynamic meditation through which negativity gets converted in to positivity the flux of peace and tranquility revolves around the light of wisdom. We leave no stones unturned in molding the students under our guidance in to conscientious citizens of tomorrow, engaged in the great adventure of Nation building. For fulfilling this purpose, the school offers a diversity of learning experience. From dedicated teachers using the latest computer technology and teaching aids to unique extracurricular programmes extending up to international levels, Shree Maharaja Aggarsain School fosters academic, personal and social growth. Innovative programmes related to environmental concerns are conducted regularly to inculcate in the children a sense of duty to preserve and protect the planet.

We at “SMAPS” are committed to provide quality and modern infrastructure, continuing realignment of curriculum and committed and skilled faculty. At “SMAPS” with the help of personal attention your child will be groomed to become a confident and enlightened youth, ready to step into global society with honour, dignity and integrity.

  • Personal attention, where your child gets an opportunity to outshine his caliber and is not the part of crowd.
  • A complete school, starting from play group to 10+2
  • Exclusive, well equipped junior wing with theme bases classrooms.
  • Multimedia/smart classrooms.
  • Buses for travelling comfort.
  • Dance classes at regular Bases .
  • A rich library , well equipped science and computer laboratories .
  • A sports playground with all facilities.
  • State of the Art “Dance and Music Room”.
  • Vision & Mission



    To create a challenging learning environment that ecologies high expectation for success through development appropriate introduction that allows for individual differences and learning system. Our school promote a safe, orderly, caring and supportive environment. Each student self esteem is festered by positive relationship with students and staff. We strive to have our parents, teachers and community messages actively involved on our students learning.


    The SMAP School aims to be an institution of Excellence, dedicated to producing leaders for the future.